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Spa Treatments

Spa Treatments

Relax, Renew, Rejuvenate: Your Ultimate Spa Experience

Indulge in a tranquil oasis and escape the stress of everyday life with our relaxing spa services. Our expert therapists will guide you on a journey to pure relaxation and renewal. Treat yourself to the ultimate pampering experience and emerge refreshed and rejuvenated.


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Onsen Sea of Life
  • 50 OR 80 MINUTES

A personalized treatment that combines custom cleansing and a
Vrestorative mask with biodynamic Cranial- Facial Therapy. Organic algae extracts and natural botanical oils restore vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals directly to skin. A therapeutic neck, shoulder, and hand massage leaves you glowing from the inside out. Face, jaw, and neck tension slips away as a feeling of peace and well-being flows in like the soothing tide.

Onsen Hotel & Spa
Deep Sea Age Defying Facial
  • 80 MINUTES

Restore your skin’s glow with the ultimate age-defying facial. The cleanest, purest ingredients including White Algae, White Wine, White Tea, and Copper Peptides blend with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Probiotics, and an intense marine-based oxygen serum to give your skin a  transcendent boost. A curated dual layer treatment mask and relaxing vagus nerve wellness massage visibly smoothes fine lines, brightens dark spots, deeply hydrates, releases facial tension, and stimulates collagen production. Our most extensive facial therapy offering also includes a brightening hand and arm exfoliation in addition to a mask, plus an eye and lip smoothing treatment to moisturize, firm, and tone any dry and sun-damaged skin with visible signs of aging. 

Onsen Hotel & Spa
Soothing Waves Facial
  • 50 MINUTES

This therapeutic facial is an especially effective treatment for rosacea, or for sensitive and severely dehydrated skin. It is designed to calm irritation, replenish lost nutrients, and boost the skin’s natural ability to protect itself against environmental damage. 

Onsen Hotel & Spa
Beach Repair Facial for Men
  • 50 MINUTES

This anti-aging facial helps protect and restore skin damaged by the hands of time, sun exposure, and razor burn. The face is deep-cleansed and exfoliated, then treated with a mask tailored to the skin’s specific needs. As a finishing touch, drift away with a relaxing face, shoulder, neck and head massage.

Onsen Hotel & Spa
Vitamin Sea Radiance Facial
  • 50 MINUTES

When sun damage has taken its toll, or you simply want to brighten your complexion naturally, this restorative facial delivers a radiant, all-over glow. Gentle resurfacing whisks away dry, damaged skin and a customized mask targets dark spots and speeds up healthy skin regeneration.

Onsen Hotel & Spa
Age-Defying Undaria Body Massage

This luxurious journey begins with an energizing body brushing treatment to gently exfoliate roughness and smooth out your skin. A deeply relaxing and skin softening full-body massage follows, using seaweed-infused oils combined with heavenly passion fruit, grapefruit, and cypress. Skin is left feeling firm, supple, and glowing. Next, a facial massage using sea actives smooths the  appearance of fine lines and has an instant plumping effect. The journey is completed with a stimulating scalp and conditioning treatment, loaded with marine minerals.  

STEPS: Body Brush / Full Body Massage + Facial Massage / Scalp Treatment 

Onsen Hotel & Spa
Vagus Nerve Meditative Massage

Inspired by craniosacral therapy, this treatment uses our beloved Vagus Nerve Oil to create an uplifting, zen-like state of consciousness. Enhanced by the smell of juniper and chamomile, this treatment will calm the mind, relax the muscles, and activate the soothing effects of the vagus nerve response. 

STEPS: Warm Compress / Vagus Nerve Activation / Swedish Massage 

Onsen Hotel & Spa
60-minute Onsen Custom Massage

Allow us to customize your massage by incorporating a variety of modalities, or types of massage techniques, to ensure the best-individualized treatment to each guest. Using different combinations of massage allows your Therapist to explore which modality is most beneficial for your health and wellness. Use a luxurious blend of nutrient rich oils and therapeutic plant extracts infused with 400mg of our CBD to elevate your mind and body to pure bliss. Elevate your massage even further with the harmony of a perfect glide that is non-greasy.

Onsen Hotel & Spa
Healing Cocoon

A sea salt and botanical body scrub increases circulation, while softening and exfoliating dull skin to prepare it for envelopment in a decadent marine body mask. This age defying blend is infused with Algae, White Tea, and Copper and Zinc Peptides to plump, firm, tone, and deeply moisturize your skin.   

STEPS: Dry Brush (optional) / Body Scrub / Hydrating Body Mask / Hydrating Lotion Application (Showerless) 

Onsen Hotel & Spa
Earth and Sea Scrub

An invigorating full-body scrub, featuring algae and sea salts harvested from around the world, exfoliates and softens your skin. A blissful application of anti-aging coconut oil leaves you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and renewed. 

STEPS: Body Scrub / Hydrating Body Balm Application (Showerless) 

Onsen Hotel & Spa
Sun Salutation

Give sun-kissed skin a full body refresh from head to toe with a hydrating scalp, face, and body mask. Mineral-rich sea algae, cooling aloe vera gel, and antioxidant green tea extracts reduce redness and irritation while soothing sun-soaked skin. The face is treated with cool compresses soaked in sea minerals and a fresh Gigartina algae gel mask to rejuvenate skin. 

STEPS: Soothing Body Wrap / Sun Repair Facial Treatment / Scalp Massage / Algae Hair + Scalp Mask 

Onsen Hotel & Spa Hand Treatment
Illuminating Hand Treatment

A skin refining exfoliation and double dose of skin illuminating Vitamin C and marine minerals revitalize and restore youthful softness while brightening sun damaged hands. 

Onsen Hotel & Spa Lip Treatment
Refining Eye & Lip Treatment

A potent plant-based amino acid compound encourages pro-collagen synthesis while gently firming and moisturizing the sensitive skin around your eyes and lips. The cooling and nourishing eye treatment releases tension in the “11’s” and orbital area, hydrates the delicate eye area, and reduces puffiness. 

Onsen Hotel & Spa
Restorative Hand & Foot Repair

A rich and luxurious reparative coconut oil balm infused with Jasmine, Açai and Passionfruit is massaged into the hands and feet, followed by a cocoon of warm linens to penetrate and repair rough, dry, or callused skin. Skin is softened with omega fatty acids, minerals, antioxidants, and skin-soothing peptides. 


A Rejuvenating Stay Awaits in Our Chic Desert Oasis.